Friday, August 15, 2008

Visiting Dad

Today I'm visiting with my dad in the ICU. They are taking great care of him. He is still on a ventilator, and is not able to wake completely, even though he is not being sedated. I'm glad for the opportunity I have though to just sit and be with him.

Update - January 12, 2010: Looking back on this, I'm glad I posted it. It brings back the memories of what was happening then, and the last days I had with my dad. I am so grateful for the moments he became coherent, where he thanked me for being with him, and told me he loved me.

I didn't realize the depth to which his death shook me. I believe it was one of the 'last straws' that created such havoc in my body and mind. Even now, I am just getting back some semblance of balance.

It really shook my son, Keegan as well, and he went through an incredibly difficult time. It's interesting, because it seems his grief is lessening too, and he has peace in his heart again.

I am forever grateful for the testimony I have that I will see my dad again. I will be able to laugh with him, and show him my love. I know he sees us, and I have felt him near on a handful of occasions. This life is not the end. I know that. He still loves us, and wants our happiness. I don't know how I would manage without this knowledge.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life!

Boy did life get in the way of my intentions to start this blog. Within this last year we have been involved in a major car accident where I injured my back, moved, are starting our own business here in town that we hope will be a real asset to the community as well as to our family, our oldest turned 16 (!) and is starting college, both of our older boys have been working at a Boy Scout Camp, and it has just been BUSY!

I am excited about the possibilities in the future here for our family. I am in the process of creating this years plans, and am getting more and more excited as I go! We will be studying the Reformation to the Restoration, and basing most of our studies off of that. My next blog will be more of an in-depth look at what we will be doing.