Thursday, January 21, 2010

Court of Honor

Saturday the boys were involved in a really great Court of Honor for the local Boy Scouts. It was all the troops, teams, and crews from the area we live in. Keegan was the youth in charge of organization (you can see him, the young man farthest from the podium), and Braxton was Master of Ceremonies, sitting closest to the podium. Jarik was involved in the flag ceremony.

In this photo Jarik was receiving his Life rank, Braxton was the one to hand out the awards.

It wasn't only the boys getting recognition! All the men and women in the area that had gone to Wood Badge training were recognized. Here is Kevin among them. It is awesome to see so many leaders getting this training.

This is my favorite pic of the night. In it are all the boys that have the possibility of becoming Eagle Scouts this year! Wow! You can see Jarik, Braxton, and Keegan are all in there! Keegan just has his paperwork to hand in, and the other two are just planning their projects now.

Here are the merit badges each of my boys received at the Court of Honor:
Keegan: Aviation
Braxton: Citizenship in the Community, Camping, Communication, Citizenship in the World, Auto Maintenance, American Labor, and Dentistry
Jarik: Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Communication, Camping, Citizenship in the World, Auto Maintenance, Dentistry, American Labor, Horsemanship, and Public Speaking

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