Thursday, January 14, 2010


2 Nephi 2-3
Sharing what is mine Today it was really short, because I had 15 minutes between work and leaving the house to finish my visiting teaching and take Keegan and Braxton to the dentist. So we just read a little from Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens. Each also wrote a journal entry to summarize their favorite thing they learned today, so that I could discuss it with them later tonight. We are also each going to do some research this weekend on someone that changed the world through their love of a cause or people. Brax is doing Buddha, Jarik is doing Gandhi, Sarah is researching Christ, Quen is doing Joan of Arc, and I am working on Aung San Suu Kyi.

Jenni kept up on Haiti's relief effort, visiting teaching, scripture study, and read Undoing Perpetual Stress, blogged (figured out how to follow a blog!)

Kevin helped the boy's volleyball team, online law class, scripture study, and read Left Behind.

classes all day, is sending me the link on deviantART for the robot scorpion that he designed. I'll add it tomorrow if I can. Seminary of course, and volleyball tonight.

Braxton spent all morning setting up the new stereo system he has inherited. He learned quite a bit actually. He is playing in the volleyball semi-finals tonight, and practiced the ukulele alot.

Jarik played the piano, studied Italian with Rosetta Stone, read Pirateology, and three You Wouldn't Want to Be... books - one on criminals, one on samurai, and one on the Hindenburg. He too is off playing volleyball now.

Sarah is, that's right, playing volleyball. Today she read You Wouldn't Want to Be on the Hindenberg, studied Japanese with Rosetta Stone, and made a tutu. She also went to a Presidency Meeting for her Beehive class.

Quen played the piano, read You Wouldn't Want to Be on the Hindenberg, worked on his Star Wars battle drawing (fifth day now...), and wrote about Captain Cook.

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